About the team

Bozena: age 30, the cake maker and cake designer

Sophie: age 3, the kitchen utensils rearrangement director

Mary: age 1, business manager; responsible for the baker’s wellbeing and her rest breaks

Lukas: age 31, the assistant, handyman and most importantly, part time nanny

What we do:

We share our love for celebration, family time, fun and food. We believe that anytime is good for a cake. Starting with most obvious- birthday parties, whether you buy a  birthday cake for your own party and need a perfect finish to a delectable dinner or when you are looking for a lovely birthday gift. Perhaps you are meeting with some friends and need easy to eat and take away cupcakes or just want to indulge yourselves, because who does not do that? Getting married and looking for a perfect wedding cake? But do not feel bad, if you need something to help you get in a blissful state while you devour a chocolate cake in front of the TV, no judgement! Whatever your reason is, we are all for it.


Why we do it:

We understand that not everyone enjoys baking, and we are almost sure most of us like sweets. However, some of the goods easily accessible on the market, contain ingredients that should not be in such glorious things as cakes; substances that prolong a product’s shelf life or enhance the taste, as if sugar, butter, cream and fruit was not enough! At Bee’s kitchen we are happy to do the hard work for you and let you enjoy the results instead. Whether you order a standard or custom cake we do our best to make you love it like we do.


How we do it:

We wait for you to make the order, ask a couple of questions to make it easier to suit your needs. We combine high quality and carefully selected products such as free range eggs, French butter, Scottish dairy products, Belgian chocolate, Madagascan vanilla pods and a secret ingredient- our love. Then the cakes are decorated and delivered to you.​